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How to get free psn codes in 2021/2022

Don't keep wasting time on fake generators that just generate random numbers and then disappoint you. With us you will get a complete list of valid unused Playstation codes and you can enjoy the rest of the day playing all you want with the games you want to buy with the gift cards you claimed for free without paying anything. However, not only you get gift cards for an amount of money, you can also get Playstation Plus memberships. In order to get your Free PSN Codes you will have to go to our PSN Generator page via button above.

How does it work?

Our system make a query to our database and displays a list of valid and unused psn gift cards that have been recently added. We make sure that all gift card codes are fully valid and unused in most cases. Therefore, if there are some already in use, claim another. This happens 1 in 15 codes claimed, so don't worry because the possibility is minimal.

Can i get free psn codes with no verification human needed?

No, no human verification is needed to get any code from the list, however, to protect our database from DDoS attacks, usually our anti-attack system is activated and you will need to verify you are not a bot or an attacker. This usually happens when our website is collapsed and there are thousands of users connected simultaneously.

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I can't believe it actually works. Even though i was sceptic at first i wanted to give it a try , its free afterall. it turns out it is much better then i expected. Many people go for 50$ or euro code but i went for 20 and got it every time!

Henry A.

I didn't think that it would work, but it did. It's very easy to use and interface is straightforward. In two weeks i got 3x 50$ codes and a 1 year membership card. Thanks and keep it going!

Jason Rowen

I would recommend this to anyone who has PS3 or PS4 , its simply amazing! If you do not get 50$ code , just try 20 or 10 , i get them most of the time since 50$ codes take a bit of time to refresh. Thanks for this great tool and giveaway!

Trevor Mattison